Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Screenshot from the DVD
Title TK
Interactive Installation and DVD-ROM, 2006/2014

Title TK is both an interactive catalogue raisoné of the work of French video artist Thierry Kuntzel and a new work in its own right. Title TK explores three of the main motifs of Kuntzel's œuvre, dealing with memory, perception and the fragility of the image. Viewers can explore these areas by navigating along emergent pathways across a database of images, film sequences, and texts. Using the metaphor of a "tactile gaze" the cursor becomes a representation of the gaze and produces flowing and pulsating images that merge the elements from the database to create new images and dynamic collages. The DVD-ROM, published in conjunction with a printed book, provides a comprehensive database of Kuntzels work with excerpts and examples, and transscriptions of about 600 of Kuntzel's working notes.

The project was realized as a collaboration between Thierry Kuntzel, Anne-Marie Duguet and Andreas Kratky. It was produced in cooperation with the Ministère de la culture et de la communication and the Centre national des arts plastiques, France. It is published as number 3 of the series "anarchive" in cooperation with the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes.

The installation of Title TK was created in 2014, seven years after the death of Thierry Kutzel, based on conversations and exchanges with him. The installation uses a layered set-up of a projection screen and a transparent touch screen. Viewers navigate the experience with their fingers, which tangibly embodies the notion of a "tactile gaze."

Thierry Kuntzel: Author and art director
Anne-Marie Duguet: Editorial and research direction
Andreas Kratky: Database, interface design, programming
Juri Hwang: Sound design
Installation: Andreas Kratky, in memoriam TK