Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Installation in the original place
Panoramic Timemachine
Installation, 2014

Panoramic Timemachine is an interactive installation that allows users to immersively explore different time slices of a place. Starting with an image of the present time the viewer dives into a time-lapse revealing a succession of moments in time from past to the present and possibly even beyond in the same exact location. The project uses the FOV2GO platform, a handheld stereoscopic viewing system developed in the MxR lab of the University of Southern California, to present 3d representations of a space at different moments in time. As the viewer pans and tilts the viewing system in different directions he can explore the space. Spatially registered 3d panoramas crossfade showing the different times in high-resolution detail. The immersive quality of the 3d image lets the viewer feel a strong sense of presence in the different time slices presented by the system.

Panoramic Timemachine uses the medium of the panorama to allow for virtual travels across time and space. As the panorama was historically intended to allow the viewer to virtually travel to places he would never be able to see in person, the Panoramic Timemachine employs it to allow viewers to travel across time. By placing multiple Panoramic Timemachines at different locations it becomes possible to not only to travel along a time axis but also along a space axis.

The project is a collaboration of Andreas Kratky and Perry Hoberman.