Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
View of the Brandenburg Gate
Postcards for the Capital
Installation, 1995

Postcards for the Capital is an installation in public space aming to make a critical statement regarding the process of the German reunification. The project inscribes the reality of the shift from cold-war to post-cold-war Germany into the every-day representation of the new, reunified country by creating a lasting visual trace of the tangible destruction and radical replacement of the symbols of socialism with those of capitalism. It invites us to reflect on the hasty and speculation-driven energy behind many of these transformations. Changes ranging from the renaming of streets to the demolition of buildings make the paradigm-change after the reunification manifest - but these changes do not figure in the representation of the moment, which, instead, is dominated by images from a glorious past or a promising future.

Postcards for the Capital intends to give a lasting testament of the pains, difficulties and - potentially missed - opportunities of the reunification process by making its tangible traces part of the city's representation that is prototypically embodied by the postcard-motifs on sale. The postcards were inserted into the normal circuit of tourist memorabilia in Berlin.