Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Time-Windows - Reconnecting the Window-Metaphor of the GUI to Real Space

A large percentage of computing tasks in our contemporary environment are spatial problems carried out on mobile or spatially distributed computing devices. In this study we are evaluating if and how the commonly established metaphor of a windowed user interface may be adapted in order to suit contemporary usability needs. The study observes user behavior and interactions with a set of large format touch screens in order to assess user's ability to integrate their interpretation and operation with the displayed information across multiple, spatially distributed screens.


Andreas Kratky. “Time-Windows - Reconnecting the Window-Metaphor of the GUI to Real Space.” In: Advanced Research and Trends in New Technologies, Software, Human-Computer Interaction and Communicability. Hershey PA, IGI Global, 2014. pp. 30-42


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