Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Venture to the Interior / Vorstoss ins Innere
DVD-ROM with book

Venture to the Interior is a cassette edition comprising a set of two DVD-ROMs, three books, and a historic facsimile print of a natural history classification system from 1835, the "Universal System of the Animal Kingdom" by Constantin Gloger. Each component of the project approaches the Museum of Natural History in Berlin from a different direction, analyzing how the practice of collecting as a process of knowledge construction interweaves with the science, the history of science, politics of power, and colonialism. The DVDs contain the "Cine-Interactive," an interactive exploration of the museum space and its mulit-facetted narratives.

The cassette edition presents the results of a three year research project about the museum and its historic transformation. It is the publication of the Venture to the Interior project. It is published in German by the Alpheus Verlag, Berlin.


Andreas Kratky, Hanns Zischler. Venture to the Interior / Vorstoss ins Innere. Berlin, Alpheus Verlag, 2010: 2 DVDs and book