Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Personal Touch – A Viewing-Angle-Compensated Multi-Layer Touch Display

Large format touch screens have become an important means of interaction for collaborative and shared environments. This type of display is particularly useful for public information display in museums and similar contexts. Similarly augmented reality displays have become popular in this context. Both systems have benefits and drawbacks. Personal Touch is an augmented-reality display system combining real objects with superimposed interactive graphics. With increasing display sizes and users moving in front of the dis- play user tracking and viewing angle compensation for the interactive display become challenging. Personal Touch presents an approach combining IR optical tracking for gesture recognition and camera-based face recognition for the acquisition of viewing axis information. Combining both techniques we can create a reac- tive augmented-reality display establishing a personalized viewing and interaction context for users of differ- ent statue moving in front of a real object.


Andreas Kratky. “Personal Touch – A Viewing-Angle-Compensated Multi-Layer Touch Display” in Communicability, Computer Graphics and Innovative Designs for Interactive Systems. Bergamo, Blue Herons, 2015. CD-ROM


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