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Mansaku & Mansai - That's Kyogen
DVD-ROM and DVD-Videos

That's Kyogen is a package of one DVD-Rom and four DVD-Videos. The DVD-ROM gives an in-depth introduction of the art of Kyogen, a traditional form of theater in Japan. Kyogen plays are short satirical intermissions in longer Noh acts. Aspects such as the plays, roles, costumes, stage, insturments etc. are explained and demonstrated by the Kyogen Nomura Mansai. The DVD-Videos document the most important Kyogen plays in full length. The plays have been selected and performed by the master and National Living Treasure of Japan Mansaku Nomura.

The set is the publication of the Kyogen project conducted by the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in collaboration with the Waseda University. It is published by Kadokawa, Japan.


Mansaku Nomura, Mansai Nomura, Volker Kuchelmeister, Andreas Kratky, Yvonne Mohr, Christian Ziegler. Mansaku & Mansai – That’s Kyogen. Anthology of Mansaku’s Favorite Kyogen. Tokyo, Kadokawa, 2001: 1 DVD Rom and 4 DVD Video