Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Embodied Virtual Objects

The project “Embodied Virtual Objects” describes a strategy and technological setup to explore rare museum objects with the help of touch-enabled handheld devices. In a mini-exhibition that can be downloaded to a consumer device users can explore virtual representations of museum objects through an intuitive touch-interface. They can access additional information and examine the objects by turning them, zooming, and scrolling, allowing the users to become active and engaged museum visitors. The application is tested for its value in the preparation of a museum visit, as supportive material during the museum visit, and as a reference after the visit. The study assesses the technical setup, feasibility, and user responses.


Andreas Kratky. "Embodied Virtual Objects" In: International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications, Volume 4, Machine Intelligence Research Labs Publications, 2012: 309-316


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