Media Artist and Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts
Screenshot from the installation
Interactive Installation, 2000

Mondophrenetic is an interactive installation that critically engages with issues of globalization. Taking the motif of the modern appartment building as its central element the project invites the user on a journey across the world in which the boundaries and borders get blurred in the uniformity of the appartment block architecture. In a continuous flow of images with interspersed statistical data and imaginary diary entries, the user gets lost in the global urban anonymity. Only occasionally recognizable landmarks or the destruction that the Yugoslavian war wreaked on certain cities interrupt the uniform flow of interchangeable images.

The installation spans two rooms, one with a personal computer set up in a comfortable lounge environment where one user can navigate across the re-configuring sequences of appartment blocks. By navigating the database of the project, the user creates the content displayed on a large screen in the second room, which is watched by multiple museum visitors.

Mondophrenetic was realized by incident vzw, in coproduction with Bruxelles/Brussels 2000 (European Capital of Culture 2000) and with the support of the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region, the Flemish Visual Arts Commission, the Film in Flanders Fund of the Flemish Community and the Belgian National Lottery.

Herman Asselberghs, Els Opsomer, Rony Vissers: Direction, production management, photography, writing
Andreas Kratky: Database, interface design, programming
David Toop: Music